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Fashion Trends in Business Style to Attract Your Colleague

The new fall-winter season brings its adjustments to the wardrobe of those who want to be on trend and to draw the attention of a good-looking colleague. All eyes are on colors from pastel to wine shades in addition to gold and rich fuchsia. There is a tendency towards the general emancipation of office style, which will come to you in handy. You can look bright and stylish even working in the office.

1. Check.

This is the most fashionable trend of the coming cold season. Checkerboard fabrics will be at the peak of popularity, including suits, dresses, coats, skirts, jackets. A woman can choose any check she likes from the smallest to the very big one. The fashionista should give a preference to the Scotch check.

2. Bright detail.

Monochrome suits of free cut will be an excellent choice. It will be even better if a woman adds some bright detail to her image to draw additional attention to herself. It can be bright shoes, a bag or a handkerchief that will easily "attract" the eye and become the dominant of the image. The hottest new trend will be juicy color solutions, all shades of red, blue, yellow, purple. Bright jackets will look organic with office dresses of neutral shades.

3. White.

The most elegant trend in business fashion is the white total look. It favorably emphasizes restraint, modesty and impeccable appearance of a woman. Its huge advantage is that it can be combined with any other colors. The chastity of white color allows using absolutely any accessory, which is acceptable in a business wardrobe.

4. A thing of the season.

A turtleneck will become an excellent addition to any image this autumn and winter. It will emphasize the curves of the body and make the image more refined in combination with voluminous trousers and a jacket. An attention grabber of office fashion will be a jumpsuit made of any suit fabric of deep shade. The jumpsuit can be combined with a light blouse or a turtleneck. Elegant court shoes will never go out of fashion, but a girl can also wear massive shoes with a wide heel or fashionable comfortable loafers. The main task of accessories is to emphasize the general idea of the fashion image and attract attention to the woman. Hot bikini models on instagram also always follow fashion trends.

For male counterparts.

Men should better choose neutral colors, a palette from light beige to deep gray to look fresh and attractive. The classic color solutions: dark blue, black and gray are still in favor. A man should buy at least one sweater with a V-neck, reminiscent of the classic uniform of students of Western colleges and universities. Fashions come and go. After all, it is cyclical. The latest trend in the autumn outerwear is undoubtedly suede jackets and trench coats of natural colors.

Men can safely wear shortened trousers, but classic shirts and T-shirts should be better replaced by polo shirts. Men who want to attract the attention of a pretty colleague should choose brighter and more original accessories, for example, some embroidery elements, colored pocket handkerchiefs or a wooden bow-tie.

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