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The Latest Visual Trends Which Can Affect Your Dating

2018 is the year of contradictions. Technology gives you unlimited possibilities to create impeccable photos, but you begin to appreciate uniqueness and imperfection more than artificial beauty. Technological progress has broken into all spheres of your life, including dating, but you dream of tranquility, nature, and privacy.

All this is reflected in visual communications. People are looking for meaning and depth in images, which you upload on the ladies dating site. You are searching for new ways to stand out from the crowd.

Perfect strangers.

Smartphones and social media change the perception of street and fashion photography. Have you heard that a woman from Nigeria has become a world-famous model after she was accidentally photographed on the street? This trend radically changes the generally accepted approach to modeling and participates in the formation of a completely new style of photography.

Gap, Eileen Fisher, Modcloth and other brands are increasingly using "real people" instead of models in advertising of their collections. People strive to endow images with a story and soul. So, the perfect strangers are exactly what everyone lacks in the modeling industry. Nowadays, you have a chance to date a “model,” being an ordinary guy.

Self-expression through travel.

Travel and flights become more available, and people regularly try on the role of desperate travelers, instead of dreaming about a vacation once a year. There is a new way of life, "life in the van," when people leave their homes and search for harmony with nature and adventure. This becomes one of the most popular trends in social networks. #vanlife hashtag is mentioned on Instagram more than two million times.

Exploring distant places, people document their travels and talk about experiences through their photos. This format of images emphasizes the desire for simple joys and reminds of such necessary escapes from the city bustle.

Video as a means of communication.

Although Instagram Stories appeared only a year and a half ago, now, they have reached a peak of popularity and completely changed the perception of communication. It has become much easier to save moments and share important events from your life. This has given rise to a new trend, video as a means of communication. Recently, this trend is also used by brands, for which Stories have become an important marketing tool.

This allows you to feel like a part of the event that you are watching. Questions and answers, live broadcasts from events, an opportunity to show how the company works from the inside help brands to lose the image of a faceless corporation and increases the trust of customers. This affects the shooting of commercial video: this genre is becoming increasingly in demand. The same story is about online video chatting, which simplifies communication and shows you the truth about a potential partner. Men begin to appreciate the individuality and uniqueness of women who show their strength and femininity.

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